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A Film on Children in Conflict with Law

One third population of India today is juvenile. The system required to deal with these fragile minds is inconsistent and the people involved are unaware of their duties towards the children in Conflict with the Law. The reality in India as well as the rest of the ..... Read More

हस्तक्षेप (किशोर न्याय : देख – रेख एवं सुरक्षा पर एक फ़िल्म)

Juvenile Justice is the legal system that is meant to protect all the young people. Even though juvenile and child mean the same, they conjure different images in the mind of people because these people are not well informed about what the Juvenile Justice Act is all ..... Read More

बाल यौन अपराध संरक्षण अधिनियम 2012 : पोक्सो पर एक फ़िल्म

  With the repeated string of rape of children being reported across the nation and a public outcry raging on the streets like molten lava flowing uncontrolled from a bursting volcano, the victimised and abused child suffers in silence. Traumatised, dejected and horrified family members of unfortunate victims ..... Read More

HAQ: a film on Child Rights

HAQ: a film on Child Rights shows the challenges of realising human rights for children and the response of HAQ: Centre for Child Rights to it. ..... Read More

Enakshi Ganguly on The Age of Juveniles

Look what HAQ’s co director Enakshi Ganguly has to say on The Age of Juveniles being reduced from 18 to 16 and what is her thought on the argument of access to information and early maturity. ..... Read More

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