Impacts of mining on Children

Mining has always been a symbol of struggle between human need and human greed. The greed has always undermined the need. We have seen many such struggles of tribal people in India as in Madhya Pradesh diamond mines or the one in Niyamgiri hills against Vedanta in Odisha, and many more.

It is in and around these mining areas that we find many children growing up and being affected by mining both directly and indirectly. The mess that is created in the lives of children as a result of mining is left to be addressed by the departments like child welfare, tribal welfare, labour and others which provide ample room for ambiguities in accountability. What are these children paying for? Is it our liberties and leisure? Or is it their poverty and unavailability of proper education? The answer of these Indian childhoods in pits lies somewhere in the administrative documents dumped deep under the piles of money earned by these mines. Watch the video to know more.

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HAQ: Centre for Child Right