Ban on employment of children

Poverty, is the inevitable cause or an indispensible result of child labour? This question if asked to one would leave him engrossed with deep varying opinions. But even after 5 years of enactment and enforcement of ban on child labour, India is the home to highest number of child labourers in the world. However, not only the unaware citizens but also the knowledgeable law makers of our country turn a blind eye towards this nasty practice and still call it a cultural drawback instead of crime. The shocking details of the existing system, in the most promising developing country of the word i.e. India have been revealed by this statistically proven study of HAQ foundation and leaves one in a diabolic state of wonder as to what should be done with the “CHOTUs” of our “MORDERN” society. This video clearly strips off the plethoric verses and shows the inability of the judiciary and several other authorities who hail the society with their agendas of child rights and are continuously failing to even gather the relevant data in this respect. HAQ foundation through this video has drawn the attention of the society at large to this “culturally acceptable” issue and demands a major step to be taken in this vital direction.

A Film by

HAQ: Centre for Child Rights


Enakshi Ganguly Thukral


Bharti Ali