Swami Agnivesh

 Today, HAQ has come to be synonymous with child rights. In fact we can say HAQ means child rights! I have known HAQ's work closely since I was part of the release function of their first status report at the Asian Social Forum in Hyderabad in 2004, and I have known Enakshi much longer.

Since then I have been part of the Advisory panel of the Campaign Against Child Trafficking and have had the opportunity to work with Bharti and Enakshi, sharing a platform with them on many issues of common concern.

HAQ has raised many issues, including the issues of trafficking, not only sexual trafficking but also of child labour trafficking. Their research and fact-finding has drawn a lot of attention to this issue. They have brought everything concerning children into a 'rights' perspective.

One of their big contributions has been the sensitisation of Parliamentarians and Legislators on the issues of child rights. They have been silent but dogged child rights activists who have shown that 'actions speak louder than words'.