Shanta Sinha

 I see HAQ's greatest contribution to be its single minded-focus on setting a national context and framework for child rights, particularly within the confines of law, policy and programme. The organisation has brought to the fore the challenges that need to be addressed with regard to child rights and protection by highlighting it repeatedly in various fora.

I view its enterprise of child budgets as one that has spearheaded a movement for government accountability with regard to child rights in the country. The budget analysis has garnered HAQ not only national but international attention. The fact that state budgets are also being anlaysed shows HAQs commitment to the process.

The situational reports on children that HAQ brings out with regularity are as remarkable and one of its kind. They are well researched and documented and its balanced perspective has been applauded both by experts and by people from a cross section of society.

I wish that HAQ works as an inspiration for similar initiatives in the country. As HAQ’s programmes are replicable, I sincerely hope that its activities serve as a model for several other ventures across the country as one organisation of this nature cannot address the magnitude of the problem. Scale and spread are vital to awaken collective responsibility to child rights.

I also hope that its child budget initiative and situational analysis of children triggers a movement where others follow in its footsteps and there are such efforts for each and every state of the country.