Shabana Azmi

 Children are invisible citizens of this country. As someone deeply affected by social causes, I recognize the consistent and path-breaking work done by HAQ to ensure that children’s issues do not remain invisible and unrecognized. Their work reiterates how unprotected children are in this country and how imminent the danger is if we do not act concertedly and fast.

My association with HAQ goes back to 2007. I first met the HAQ team when I had been invited to release an album by Urban Folk Singer, Susmit Bose, who is also one of HAQ’s founder members. Since then, HAQ has been sharing with me their work and sending me their publications, enabling me to follow their work.Their work on budget for children is by now legendary. Their publications are a valuable resource on child rights and make for easy reading for the uninformed. I too have drawn from them from time to time.

I really wish HAQ success in all their endeavours and I lend my support wholeheartedly now and in the future as, in their efforts, lies hope for the children of India.