Budget for Children AnAlysis A Beginners Guide

 A toolkit designed to  demystify and elucidate in  easy to understand language  ' Budgeting  for Children '   The Budget for Children Analysis is a joint venture of Save The Children and HAQ: Centre for Child Rights   View the Toolkit for Budget Analysis Report ..... Read More

Budget For Children in India 2004-05 to 2008-09

Download I HAQ: Centre for Child Rights ..... Read More

Kandhamals forgotten children

Who is it that suffers the most and bears the brunt of the violent games that adults play? Adults indulge in violence based on prejudice and politics, but it is the hapless children who have no role in this that pay the cost—through death, injuries, homelessness, loss ..... Read More

Ban on Employment of Children in Domestic Sector, Dhabas and Eateries National Social Audit | October 2009 to March 2010

  The 61st year of the republic of India still witnesses the stark reality of economic exploitation of children. In spite of the promises and the commitments expressed in the Constitution of India we have not been able to protect our children from this cruel reality.  Employmentof children ..... Read More

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