An environment where different forms of aggression seem to be ruling our lives, children are most vulnerable- both as victims and as perpetrators. Both these categories of children need psycho-social support. When providing legal aid to children, it increasingly became apparent that counselling and psychological therapy was needed for their healing and reintegration into society. Thus began HAQ's counselling activity in 2005.

Over the years, the children come to us through schools, police, Child Welfare Committees, Juvenile Justice Boards and parents who are themselves caught in legal battle over custody of their children. To begin with we would only refer such cases to child psychiatrists or clinical psychologists. As the numbers increased, it became imperative to provide this support within the organisation itself. HAQ now has a team of two counsellors. In cases that require more specialised interventions, referrals are made to clinical psychologists or psychiatrists specialising in child and adolescent mental health.

HAQ's interventions in a Girls Home in Delhi

Counselling Children in Conflict with Law – Experiences and Lessons

HAQ Overall Cases Statistics