Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking India

Even in the 21st century children continue to be bought & sold, taken from one place to another both within and across border and exploited for profit and gain through various means for a myriad purposes. This amounts to child trafficking.

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This is because it is the children who are poor and marginalised, whose basic rights are violated that are most vulnerable to child trafficking. Children are trafficked for numerous purposes including labour, sexual exploitation (prostitution), sports and entertainment, adoption, marriage or illegal activities like begging, drug peddling etc.

HAQ addresses all forms of child trafficking through its interventions. HAQ believes that all children in prostitution are trafficked children and does not support legalisation of prostitution for children below the age of 18 years. HAQ stands for decrimanalising of victims of trafficking, especially those trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation, in law and action.

HAQ promotes adoption of children in need of care and protection, but believes that illegal adoption amounts to trafficking, and must be strongly dealt with as such.

While rescuing of trafficked children is the first step, HAQ strongly advocates for comprehensive and sustainable rehabilitation and reintegration of children so that they are not re-trafficked.

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