HAQ believes that there is a need for realisation of human rights of children through policy, law and action. Advocacy, research and legal action have to go hand in hand if the country is to treat its children better. The basis of advocacy has to be research and documentation that provides empirical evidence.

Advocacy for HAQ means going beyond campaigning, being present directly on the drafting table if possible and if not, indirectly influencing policy formulation and change. For taking forward its mandate, HAQ works closely with the government (relevant departments, ministries and commissions) and non-governmental agencies. Its ability to make micro-macro connections has enabled HAQ to draw on micro experiences at the local level and translate them into issues for advocacy at national and international levels.

HAQ undertakes its advocacy initiatives on its own and also as part of campaigns and networks, fact finding missions, strategic litigation and as part of law and policy initiatives, both government and non-government.