Resentment over low budgetary allocation

Staff Reporter I The Assam Tribune I Guwahati I February 27, 2016

A report of the HAQ : Centre for Child Rights, New Delhi and North Eastern Social Research Centre, Guwahati, reflected the extremely low share of budgetary allocation that the child protection sector continues to receive in the Budget despite the worrying accounts of abuse and exploitation faced by the children in the State.

The report, however, stated that despite reduction in the overall State budget by 36 per cent as compared to the previous year, the share of children has significantly decreased.

“From 3.49 per cent in 2013-14, the share stood at 5.57 per cent this year,” the report stated.

The report also expressed concern over the low share of allocations for children’s health. Of all the sectors, education received a maximum share of 89.25 per cent.

It also stated that protection of children in the tea gardens of Assam is an area that needs greater attention in the light of news reports that these are becoming hunting grounds for child traffickers.