Parks most unsafe for kids, says study

Neelam Pandey and Faizan Haidar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi | Updated: Jan 05, 2014 01:06 IST

Open fields or neighbourhood parks have emerged as the third most unsafe place for children in Delhi, says a study of children who faced sexual assault.

While 38.33% cases of sexual assault took place at the accused’s house, around 23.33% of incidents of sexual abuse took place at victim’s homes, the study has found. In 15% cases, the accused assaulted the victim in an open field or park and in 11.66% cases, the victims were taken to unknown places.

NGO Pratidhi analysed 60 cases registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 and found that most of the victim’s were satisfied with the police’s response but only 10% of them got compensation from the government.

The study further revealed that in 75% cases, the accused either verbally threatened or used physical force at the time of incident. “It is very disturbing to see that 46.66% victims belonged to the 11-15 age group,” said Yogesh Kumar of Pratidhi NGO. Of the total 60 cases of sexual abuse, four cases were that of boys.

In 20% cases, victims were threatened of being blackmailed whereas in 20% cases the accused used weapons to scare the victim. “We were working in east district of Delhi as a Crisis Intervention Centre and the cases of sexual assault were referred to us for providing counselling, legal and other required support for minor victims. Pratidhi counsellors support victims in recording their statement. During this process, counselors interact with victims and their family members and provide support,” Kumar added.

The study also pointed out that most of the victims were satisfied with the response of police. In 86.66% of the cases victims reported that they did not face any problem in registering the FIR.