Orphanage horror: Police to arrest three as mother fights for justice

Delhi | NDTV Correspondent | Updated: February 15, 2012 09:27 IST

Orphanage horror: Police to arrest three as mother fights for justice

NEW DELHI:  Delhi police are likely to arrest three employees of the Arya Anathalaya orphanage in old Delhi after investigations in into its workings came up with shocking revelations. The investigation was sparked off by the death of an 11-year-old girl of the orphanage.

Though authorities at the orphanage claimed that the 11-year-old died due to diarrhoea, medical examination and post mortem reports of the girl suggested that she had been subjected to repeated sexual abuse.

Fighting for justice for her dead daughter, her mother accused the orphanage of "lying to save themselves".

"The management said take whatever you want now but finish off the matter. We want the culprit and not their money," the girl's mother said while speaking to NDTV.

The mother said that the girl didn't visit home since the summer vacation last year, rubbishing the orphanages claim, that the girl must have been violated during the time she was home.

Scared by the little girl's horror story, her mother's friend has taken her own daughter out of the orphanage. 

"Not once our little girl was violated over and over again," said the dead girl's mother's friend. Her daughter is one of the key witnesses in the case.  

The girl has claimed that she once saw a person by the name of Navratan, who works for the principal and locks the rooms, take the deceased girl inside a room . "I saw him snatch her with her hair and take her inside the rest room. He locked it and they stayed inside for long ," she said.

"She also told me that an older boy used to tease her. I saw him beat her one day and take her inside," she added.  

The boy mentioned has already been arrested by the police for abusing the 11-year-old and other younger boys.

With all these developments happening in the case, police will soon arrest three employees of the orphanage: the guard for the girl's hostel – Rajpal, Navratan and a warden in the boy's hostel. They are likely to be charged with beating up the girls and sexually abusing the boys.

Story First Published: February 15, 2012 08:58 IST