India’s refusal to sign UN resolution on child marriage: CPM MP writes to PM

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: CPM Raja Sabha MP T N Seema has asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to support the resolution against the child marriage brought out by the UN resolution. The union government should not dispel any wrong notions caused by the non-signing of the resolution about India's commitment to protect the rights of children, especially girls, said Seema in a letter written to the Prime Minister.

Recently, in some states like Kerala and West Bengal, there have been attempts by some groups to dilute the implementation of the Child Marriage Prohibition Act by deliberately initiating discussions on the need to remove the minimum marriage age restrictions as per the law, citing contradictions with personal laws.

Similarly, reports about convening of Khap panchayats in some North Indian states to demand the lowering of age of marriage of girls from 18 have also appeared. The virtual disapproval by the Indian representatives of the UN HRC resolution calling for elimination of child marriages, has ominous portends in the context of these developments within the country, said Seema.