Delhi for kids

TNN | Jan 27, 2012, 10.27 AM IST

Delhi for kids
Delhi for Kids

Life in most middle-class homes revolves around the children. Both their present and their future – beginning with their health and education – occupy crucial mindspace. The breakfast we feed them before they leave for school, the quality of education they receive, the extra-curricular activities they have access to, the influences that shape their value system… a parent's list of worries is endless. 

The new age has brought with it newer concerns: often with both parents away at work, time spent with children is shrinking. Also shrinking are open spaces for kids to play. All this, in the backdrop of sweeping changes in our lifestyle — of children and parents. 

And yet, the city has a lot going for children — if only we are willing to make that little extra effort to explore. 

The Times of India's 'Delhi for Kids' hopes to take you on an exciting journey and, at the end of it, leave a smile on our children's faces. And help parents make sense of the bewildering changes they face. 

8-10 KG 

Average weight of the schoolbag for primary students as opposed to the recommended weight of less than 5 kg. This can affect their head, neck, trunk and lower limb angles, changing the overall posture of a child 


Children (12-18 years) in private schools in Delhi are overweight/obese, highest in the country 


Delhi kids suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems 


Children aged between 12-18 watch TV daily; 14.8% children watch TV for more than 2 hrs a day 


Delhi kids are sleep deprived; one in four kids (24.3%) suffers from excessive daytime sleepiness 

Kids with cellphones 

22% Children in age group of 6-9 

60% in age group of 10-14 

84% in age group of 15-18 

90% kids in 7-14 age group in Delhi receive pocket money as compared to the national average of 57%