Cops record statements of Arya orphanage inmates

, TNN | Feb 17, 2012, 12.58AM IST

NEW DELHI: Delhi Police on Thursday began taking statements of the inmates of Arya orphanage after reviewing the Child Welfare Committee order.

Police sources said they are recording statements about the role of the orphanage staff, who used to allegedly harass the minors.

The Delhi government had asked the police to arrest those allegedly responsible for the ill-treatment of minors at the orphanage.

A senior police officer said, "We will probably arrest three persons on the basis of complaints made by the victims."

"They will be apprehended by Friday. Our team, including Crime Against Women (CAW) officers, is talking to the victims," he said.

The officer said there were complaints of similar abuse of inmates at the hands of male staff members, who used to allegedly thrash the minors.

The sources said some kids had also told them of a few electricians, who had molested them.

Another senior officer said that besides the girl, who faced sexual abuse, the orphanage authorities had also allegedly ill-treated the mother of a 9-year-old boy when she came to know, six months ago, her son had been sodomized.

"When her son told her of the incident, she went to the orphanage and slapped the accused, who has been arrested for the rape of a girl, twice.

"Later, the orphanage staff had thrashed the boy's younger brother, who is also an inmate there.

"They turned out the woman from the orphanage and did not allow her to meet her sons," the officer said.

The police said that after the boys and girls give their statements, they will also try to contact the parents of those kids, who had allegedly been harassed earlier.

"We need complaints from those parents to file more FIRs. We will get in touch with them," said a source.