Accused used to watch kids undress in the room

TNN | Mar 2, 2012, 03.27 AM IST

BANGALORE: Many heartrending stories unfolded when 42 children, who were rescued from a children's home in Chellagatta on Old Airport Road, were produced before the child welfare committee (CWC) court on Thursday. CWC members had raided the Church of Christ Home on Wednesday evening. 
The children revealed many a story about how they were allegedly assaulted by John Charles, general manager of the home. One of the rescued kids told committee members that he was allegedly beaten up by Charles daily for no apparent reason at all. 
One of the children – a six-year-old – showed the marks on his arm and told the CWC authorities: "He would abuse us in very filthy language and beat us with sticks." One of the girls studying in PUC told the members that Charles ensured there were no latches fixed to the doors in the home and he would come to the room when they were undressing. No women was employed at the home despite it housing girls. Parents of the children were asked not to come to the orphanage. 
Investigators said Charles would warn parents against visiting the home because it would expose him to the funding agencies. Hapless parents, who couldn't afford to raise their children, agreed to the conditions allegedly laid down by Charles. 
Only two among the 42 children were orphans, rest of them belonged to families that were not well off. Of those rescued, two girls were take back by their parents. For the rest, CWC members are trying to locate their parents to send them home. 
Police have shut the institution as no permission was taken from the urban deputy commissioner, child right commission for running an institution for children. The institution did not have any record of the family background of the children and any record of them being enrolled in the institution either.