7th billion baby girl-a symbol of every girl’s right to survive!

,TNN | Oct 31, 2011, 02.33 AM IST

Lucknow: A baby girl, likely to be born on Monday in a village on Lucknow's outskirts, is set to be identified as the world's seven billionth citizen by an international NGO which said the newborn would be a symbol of every girl's right to survive. 

Plan International, which is conducting the exercise, said the seven billionth baby will also embody the cause of seven lakh girls who go missing in India. In 1999, the UN had named a Bosnian boy born to refugee parents as the world's sixth billionth person; it has no such plans this time around. 

"Globally, millions of girls are either never born because of a skewed preference for sons or die in early childhood or in reproductive years. The baby in Lucknow will mark the beginning of a movement to end injustice," said Bhagyashree Dengle, executive director of Plan India. 

NGO officials said the exercise went beyond being a statistical and symbolic act. Plan International has identified 10-odd women from villages in Mal, who are expected to deliver on or around October 31.