Story of Raju

Raju is 13 years old. He studies in class 9 in a government school. He is shy and keeps to himself, and performs academically well in school.

On the day of the incident, Raju went to school unaware of what was to happen. He was attending class as usual when after the 3rd period two boys from class 12 and one boy from class 11 came and called him out at around 12pm. When he reached the school field, he found another boy from a different school, who was in class 9 from a different school present. All four of them took him to a forested location near the school, where they beat him up with a stick and then sodomized him. They threatened to kill him if he said anything and in fear, he didn’t report the incident at first. He resisted going to school which surprised his parents who asked him several times what had happened. He finally told his parents about what had occurred, 4 days after the incident. His parents were deeply shocked to hear this and lodged an FIR. The HAQ team was brought in to provide assistance after this.