Story of Khusboo

Khusboo used to live with her uncle in West Bengal as her mother was mentally ill and her father left the family to marry another woman. Two years age, her aunty brought her to Delhi to work as domestic labour. She started working for a family where her main job was to take care of a 90 year old woman. She was sent to a school and the family also paid for her tuition fees. Her Aunt used to keep all the money earned by her.

In the month of May, her Aunt took her to a house where she was working as a domestic maid, on the pretext of spending the weekend with her. There she introduced Khusboo to a man, who was working as the watchman and driver for the family where her Aunt worked. At night Khusboo was sleeping when the man entered her room, started undressing her and raped her. Her aunt was also present in the same room as Khusboo and she locked the room from the inside and threatened Khusboo not to tell anyone. The same incident repeated itself the following day. Later, her aunt and this man dropped her back to the family where she was working. Her aunt gave her Rs.300 and a mobile phone. That same evening the girl narrated the entire incident to her employer.

Her employer approached HAQ: Centre for Child Rights, and a team went to meet the girl. The girl was in trauma and looked very scared. For this HAQ provided counselling to the girl to help her deal with the emotional trauma she was experiencing. HAQ also provided legal support to the girl. After six months of the incident’s occurrence, the girl gave her complete statement in court without any fear. At present the girl has overcome her sufferings, living in a shelter home and has resumed her studies.