Child Rights In India & The world

Finally the Nirbhaya Fund gets put to some good use…

  The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has set up a Central Victim Compensation Fund Scheme (CVCF Scheme) with an initial corpus of Rs. 200 crore from the "Nirbhaya Fund" to support victims of various crimes, especially sexual offences including rape, acid attacks, crime against children, human trafficking, ..... Read More

Children in the Juvenile Justice System will no longer remain deprived of their right to identity, citizenship and protection

    An RTI filed by HAQ: Centre for Child Rights with Jail No.7 in Tihar, brought to light the shocking violations of Child Rights and Juvenile Justice in the Tihar Jail. It was found that within a period of 10 months [October 2010 to ..... Read More

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