Special Issue on Child Rights, Law and Emerging Challenges


Thd Sixteenth Issue of Law, Social Justice and Global Development
Journal (LGD) -2010 (2). Published 21 May 2011 is  a special issue on
Child Rights, Law and Emerging Challenges. It has been guest edited by
Professor Asha Bajpai of the Tata Institute for Social Sciences in

An excerpt from the Editorial:

"During the gestation of the issue, Professor Bajpai has been heavily
involved in chairing a Committee set up by the Bombay High Court to
report on horrific events in children’s welfare homes. This duality
has informed the focus of this issue on the merging of academic and
activist concerns.

The range of the articles in this volume attests to the fact that
discourse on children’s rights has become a truly global one,
mirroring the global acceptance on the Convention on the Rights of the
Child by countries of the global North as well as the South. Yet, the
many problems highlighted by the articles indicate that we should be
concerned not just about the gap between the global norms and their
application but also with asking deeper questions about the conceptual
framework of the Convention itself as well as its translation to the
realities on the ground."