Selection of Members in National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)

Dear All

The Government of India has given us 5 new members for the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights

They are : (see  the notification pasted below). It can also be accessed on

This is the list of persons that the Government decides on after a nation-wide discussion on eligibility for membership to the Commission and the process of selection. What decides who gets selected?

These "well known child rights activists" have been chosen over the likes of Dr.Vinod Raina; Dr. Janki Rajan, Dr. Asha Bajpai; Ms. Alpa Vora and many others whose names were also on the list of candidates.

But then whoever said we are serious about child rights !!!

Copy of Notification:

In compliance of the Orders of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi dated 03.02.2010 in W.P. (C) 10296/2009 regarding the selection of Members of NCPCR, the Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) is required to put up the particulars of the Members of the Selection Committee as well as the names of the Selected Candidates together with their qualifications, experience and expertise immediately after completing the selection process and atleast 30 days before the Notification of appointment.

2.     The composition of the Selection Committee is as under:
i)         Smt Krishna Tirath, Minister of State (WCD) (I/C)                             Chairperson
ii)         Shri D K Sikri, Secretary, WCD                                                         Member
iii)        Dr Shyama Chona, Expert                                                                 Member
3.   The Selection Committee met four times between 29.4.2010 and 21.9.2010. Applications received upto the date of meeting were taken into consideration. In all, applications in respect of 165 candidates were considered. 
4.   The Selection Committee decided the following names for appointment as Members of NCPCR:-
                Ms. Sukanya Bharatram
Child Health, Care, Welfare and Development
                Dr. Dinesh Laroia
Elimination of child Labour or Children in Distress
                Dr. Yogesh Dube
Laws relating to Children
                Ms. Dipa Dixit
Child Psychology or Sociology
                Shri Vinod Kumar Tikoo
     The qualifications/experience/expertise of the above persons are available by clicking the above names.
5.      The above details will remain on the website of the Ministry for thirty days.
                                  (C.K. Reejonia)
Dated: 1/10/2010                                                               Under Secretary to the Government of India                                    
                                                                                           Ministry of Women and Child Development