UN Press Release on adoption of global action plan to achieve development goals by 2015

  PRESS RELEASE UN Summit concludes with adoption of global action plan to achieve development goals by 2015 Secretary-General secures more than $40 billion for women’s and children’s health UNITED NATIONS, New York, 22 September — A United Nations Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) concluded today with the adoption of a ..... Read More

The Prevention of Torture Bill 2010 in the Context of Children

  The Prevention of Torture Bill 2010 is under discussion. It has been passed by the Rajya Sabha and is now before the Select Committee of the Parliament headed by Shri Ashwini Kumar. Indeed it has taken all these years for the ..... Read More

P. Sainth’s letter to the PM

Dear Prime Minister, I was delighted to learn that you said, while also “respectfully” ticking off the Supreme Court, that tackling food, rotting grain etc., — are all policy matters. You are absolutely right and it was time somebody said so. With that, you brought a ..... Read More

The growing divide

Do we ever realize that we live in the midst of so many dualities? We recently came across two such divergent realities in our own city. Most of us think that Delhi has become a fast paced metro where in the sprawling mall culture is a ..... Read More

Caught in the quagmire

Children have always been at the receiving end of many of our flawed policies. There has always been a wide gap between what should be and what it is the reality. Here, one is talking about our mining and quarrying industry where this gap is way wide. ..... Read More

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