IMPACT- Chief Minister of Karnataka’s statement to withdraw the decision to close down the government schools after protest

2011/10/27 niranjan Aradhya <>     Dear Elders, friends, activists and well wishers,   After united and powerful opposition to the state government decision to close down the government schools on the pretext of low enrolment, the all India radio reported today ..... Read More

Karnataka Governement shutting down schools-Dr.Niranjanaradhya V.P

An appeal Diwali (festival of lights) of this year is not bringing light in the lives of thousands of children in Karnataka. The decision of the state government to close down nearly 3000 schools officially unofficially ..... Read More

‘Never let school interfere with your education’

Mark Twain's dictum rings true..never let  school interfere with your education.. Hurdles aplenty..every solution throwing up a fresh new problem..But the children undetered… trying to get to ' The school in time' and everyday. (more…) ..... Read More

Disability Act 2011..upholds the right of the disabled

Disability act draft backs right to retain fertility RVasundara TNN Chennai: The final draft of the new Disability Act, 2011, includes a first-of-its-kind proposal that upholds the right of the disabled to retain their fertility. Forced sterilization of disabled people, both physical and mental, will be a punishable offence with ..... Read More

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