The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (Amendment) Rules, 2014

By way of a Gazette Notification dated 24.03.2014, Ministry of Women & Child Development of Union of India has carried out certain amendments in The Commission for Protection of Child Rights Rules 2006.
These amendments appear to have been carried out to give effect to the directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court dated 25.02.2014 whereby Hon'ble Court had indicated that Under Section 35 of CPCR Act 2005, a procedure for making the selection including guidelines/ norms for selection can me laid down. Now the amended rules prescribe for a selection committee, public advertisement in atleast 4 news papers.

By way of this Amendments 2014 ,  5 major changes have been made:

Rule 3A- Norms for Selection of Chairperson and Members
Rule 6A- Invitation of Applications for the post of chairperson and member
Rule 6B- Selection Committee for appointment of Chairperson and Member
Rule 6C- Procedure for appointment of Chairperson and Member
Rule 7(1)- Words " Cabinet Secretary" and "Secretary" have been subsitituted with " Secretary" and " Additional Secretary" respectively.
Striking is this amendment made in  Rule 7(!) by which  now status of Chairperson-NCPCR has been reduced from "Cabinet Secretary" to "Secretary" and status of Member-NCPCR has been reduced from "Secretary" to " Additional Secretary".  This has not come from the Supreme Court Directions at all.