IMPACT- Chief Minister of Karnataka’s statement to withdraw the decision to close down the government schools after protest

2011/10/27 niranjan Aradhya <>

Dear Elders, friends, activists and well wishers,
After united and powerful opposition to the state government decision to close down the government schools on the pretext of low enrolment, the all India radio reported today morning at 7.15 am that the Chief Minister of Karnataka made a statement to withdraw the decision to close down the government schools. We need to welcome this decision and it is a good gesture by the CM to honour the opinion of the civil society members and organisations by honouring the democratic values.

However, it is not enough. We should continue our struggle to demand for a comprehensive education policy to ensure equitable quality education to every child in the state without any discrimination and disparity. Further, the state should take concrete measures to provide education in mother tongue from pre primary to class 12(higher secondary education) as a policy to begin with and later to extend it for university and higher education .we have no hesitation to reiterate our earlier position teaching English as a language from class   1 to develop proficiency and mastery in English language.
The government should take very strident measures to curb the commercialisation and privatisation of education in the state. As a matter of principle and commitment government should declare education as a social good and no effort from any quarter either private agency or corporate sector will be allowed to make education as a saleable commodity
Let us continue to fight together. Unity is our strength
On behalf all concerned

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