All Rights for All Children

HAQ believes: There is a need for the realisation of human rights of children through policy, law and action. Our aim is to look at the CHILD in an integrated manner where every child's rights are recognised and promoted without discrimination. 

The recognition, protection and promotion of three rights form the cornerstone of HAQ’s work.

They are – Right to Survival, Right to Childhood and Right to Equal Opportunity. These rights we feel form the basis of all other rights, and by ensuring them we can create the atmosphere for accessing and ensuring the other rights that every child must have.

HAQ aims at: Building a holistic understanding of Child Rights and exploring areas of concern that affect children and their rights.

HAQ's objective: To mainstream Child Rights in Political Agenda of the Country.

HAQ's core value: Place cause before the organisation and organisation before self.

Child Protection Policy: HAQ’s child protection policy aims to ensure that the HAQ team follows certain norms and ethical guidelines which ensures that they do not violate child rights, or are party to any such act which indicates exploitation and violation of child rights.