The Structure

HAQ: Centre for Child Rights was founded in October 1998. Most of the founders had either already worked, or were working in some organisation or institution. Clearly, there was scope for experimenting with structures. The linear, vertical structure was tried and tested.

A more flat horizontal structure was something others were grappling with. HAQ opted for the latter. It was hoped that beginning with two leading it, as it grew and evolved, there would be others who would feel motivated and committed to join into the core group that led the organisation. They would of course need to share a common vision and mandate. The first two and continuing Co-Directors have been Enakshi and Bharti.

Urvashi Butalia Jaya Shrivastava Enakshi Ganguly Thukral Bharti Ali

Urvashi Butalia

Jaya Shrivastava

Enakshi Ganguly
Ex-officio Member

Bharti Ali
Ex-officio Member

Neelam Singh Dr Anita Ghai J John  

Neelam Singh

Dr. Anita Ghai

J John